AutoCAD Map 3D

Autodesk Map 3D® is a geospatial mapping and analysis tool, capable of compiling and standardizing map data from a variety of sources. Users can create complete maps, map books, and topographies using CAD and GIS data, then publish them to many formats, including the web. Additionally, the comprehensive analysis and management tools make it possible to apply standards to industry models.

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  • Getting Started
  • Drawing Cleanup
  • Source Drawings
  • Attribute and Object Data
  • Object Classification
  • Annotation
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Survey Data
  • GIS Data
  • Topologies
  • Connecting to Feature Sources
  • Working with Feature Sources
  • Creating and Editing Features
  • Feature Styles
  • Split and Merge Features
  • Queries
  • Raster Images
  • Introducing Map Books